Health and Safety Consultancy

At Mabutho Health & Safety Consulting OSH our health and safety consultancy is built around expertise, practical application.

What health and safety consultancy you can expect from us?

Consultancy is often thought to be about talking but at Mabutho Health & Safety Consulting OSH we’re about action. We have years of top level experience and deal with clients that include blue-chip and household name businesses. Our objectives are to:

  • identify, analyse and tackle risks
  • improve the wellbeing of your organisation
  • implement systems that give effective, practical solutions
  • help reduce your costs

One thing we will never do is to adopt a “one size fits all” approach. Our health and safety consultancy services are tailored; we aim to understand the challenges of your specific business sector and work with your team to develop solutions that address them. Those solutions will be thorough yet sensible, designed around care for your workforce and with strict regard for your business outcomes.